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An Lab. is looking for applicants for graduate school in 2022.


 In our laboratory, we use the spin state called NV center, which is a defect structure in diamond, as a quantum spin sensor.


By making full use of quantum spin measurement and imaging, we have a wide range of fields not only in physics and applied physics, but also in chemistry and life sciences.


In particular, we are focusing on developing equipment that makes use of the skills of people from electrical and electronic and mechanical engineering fields.

・ Physics / Applied Physics: Understand the physical properties of materials from physical methods and concepts.

・ Chemistry: Understand phenomena at the molecular and atomic levels.

・ Life science: Develop new measurement technology to make life phenomena that were previously invisible .

・ Engineering: Develop new equipment independently, especially using measurement, control, and programming as means.


We are aiming for new research development that will be created by fusing human resources who are interested in various fields.


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Spintronics, Spin dynamics, Magnetic resonance imaging, Scanning probe microscopy, Confocal microscopy, Diamond NV center


<Keywords> Spin Device, Spin Wave, Microwave, Device Physics, Nanomaterial, Surface / Interface, Quantum Mechanics